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Buildings 1 and 2 had several of the hoods that cover the a/c wiring off.  This is what was left uncovered.  Crowther roofing will be here 9/19 to cover the openings so no water gets into the handler closets and will proceed to make hoods to replace the ones that were damaged and blown off the roof.   

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FYI:  As we are cleaning up the ground and landscaping here at Estero Cove we are finding that even areas we have already cleaned up a couple time we keep find pieces of metal, glass, etc. cropping up all over.  PLEASE DO NOT GO BAREFOOT.  We do not want anyone stepping on debris that we can't see.  Thank you.

Monday, September 18

All of the buildings and units have been inspected to be sure there is no water intrusion.  So far there has been very little damage and those that had issues have been contact by email or phone calls to let them know.  If you didn't get a call or an email your unit was ok.   - Sue


Friday, September 15, 2017 - Photos of Damage


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All Estero Cove Buildings have power. Office has no internet.

Subject: ECCA vs Irma

​Good morning and good news. Due to  the diligence of our Manager and former Boards of Directors in keeping our infrastructure updated, Estero Cove has no structural damage and see no evidence of storm surge.  Two owners on sight yesterday each informed me they have power, water and elevator in bldg. 2 is operating . The other bldg. elevator pits appear to have water in them, some trees are down, the east fence by dog run is down and some vents on elevator shaft are missing.

We dodged the bullet,


Hello everyone. An update on Estero Cove. Monday was a good day for Estero Cove. We were allowed on the beach at noon. We got power and water. Estero Cove received minimal damage, which we are all surprised considering the reports. A few things that we did have happen: A couple big trees lost some big branches, these trees were out front, were everyone walks thru by Captains Bay, the fence at that same end between Estero Cove and entrance to Captains Bay is gone. Further down the fence line in the corner another small section is damaged and falling over. The fence by the pond and the bocci court was also damaged. A couple of areas were damaged. Tops of a few palms are hanging down,  corner island by office has some damage Arecas. The palm tree in the patio area is almost touching the ground, we will lose that one. The one side of the dumpsters enclosure by building 4 is broken. A tree by the walk thru to the front side walk is broken. The pigmey palm by building 5 is broken. Lots of ground clean up needed. The buildings look pretty good. Elevators in 3,4,5, and 1 are not operating due to water in the pits. Oracle should be here Thursday to pump them out. Some lanai screens are flapping in the wind. No broken windows, all a/c's on the ground seem fine, the ones on the roof are all intact and seem fine. The service way hoods on building 1, 2, 5, & 6 were blown off and landed by the office, by building 3, and building 4. 

The Beach:  as you come on the beach there are some tree damage, debris in the road. That goes down to about to the Lutheran Church.  After that there is hardly any thing until you get time Island Winds. They have 3 carports. The middle one collapsed, Cocina had roof damage. That's as far as I went but we really were lucky. I will inspect building 2 units tomorrow for leaks and the rest of the buildings will start doing 1,2,3 floors the rest when elevators are turned on. That's the scoop on Estero Cove. We were so lucky. All those prayers sure paid off. :)



Excerpted from Island Sand Paper, 10:30 p.m. Tuesday

Irma Clean-Up Continues

Tuesday was a busy day for most Islanders as clean up continued at homes and businesses on Island. Many made their way back to Fort Myers Beach from various places of refuge, both near and far, dealing with a variety of challenges including gas shortages and traffic gridlock on the way. Once on the Island, they came face to face with the damage that Hurricane Irma left behind -- downed trees, flooded streets, scattered gutters, lost shingles, power outages and for some, poor cell service due to loss of towers. For most Islanders the day was filled with picking up debris, clearing landscaping or removing hurricane shutters with the steady thrum of generators in the background and the occasional helicopter overhead.

Island Open to All

The Town of Fort Myers Beach is now open, with no re-entry pass needed to cross either Matanzas Pass Bridge or Big Carlos Bridge.

Town Hall Open

Starting Wednesday, Fort Myers Beach Town Hall will be open for services and advice if the public needs technical assistance with repairs to their property or other town matters.

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus, Community Pool, Newton Park and Mound House remain closed but are expected to reopen soon.

Curfew Continues

Fort Myers Beach remains under an 8pm-7am curfew with the rest of Lee County, with the exception of Cape Coral. On Tuesday, Cape Coral’s curfew was amended to 11pm-5am.

Some Beach Stores Open

The 7-Eleven near Santini, Topps and Publix on the beach are open for water, ice and grocery needs. CVS is also open for pharmaceutical needs. 
Truly Scrumptious will be open beginning Wednesday in Santini Plaza.

As power is restored and delivery trucks make their way to the beach, watch for additional stores and restaurants to reopen in the coming days.

Boil Water Notice Lifted

Lee County Utilities lifted the precautionary boil water notice for all Lee County Utilities customers, including Fort Myers Beach, at noon on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Power Grid

Hurricane Irma knocked out power to 90% of Lee County Sunday. Restoring the connections that bring that power to Island homes is complicated and labor intensive. On the Island there are a number of places where toppled trees lean on power lines. In other places transformers are damaged.

While parts of the Island now enjoy the wonder of electric light and air conditioning, courtesy of FPL crews, other parts remained dark as of Tuesday evening. FPL assured residents that crews would continue to work to restore power to Fort Myers Beach as quickly as possible.

Driving is especially dangerous right now in all the areas of Florida without power as traffic signals are dark. The Florida Highway Patrol and local officials remind all motorists to pay close attention while driving, especially in areas with non-operational traffic signals. Any intersection with dark traffic signals should be treated as a 4-way stop. There’s a lot to look at while driving right now, be sure to pay attention to traffic signals. 


  • Flashing Red: Treat as a STOP sign
  • Flashing Yellow: Proceed with caution
  • No Signal Lights: Treat as a 4-way Stop Sign

Schools Closed

Lee County Schools will remain closed the rest of this week and resume classes on Monday, September 18th. Check the Lee Schools website for more information

Lee Offices Closed

Lee County has announced that the following offices will remain closed through the remainder of this week and will reopen on Monday: BoCC departments, Tax Collector, Clerk of Courts and the 20th Judicial Circuit Court, State Attorney’s office and Public Defender Office.

Lee Board of Commissioners

The Lee Board of County Commissioners will hold a brief meeting prior to their Thursday evening budget hearing to consider adoption of a resolution declaring Lee County a Major Disaster Area in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The meeting will be held at the Old Courthouse, 2120 Main St., Fort Myers. The budget hearing begins at 5:05 p.m.
If approved, the declaration would enable the county to continue and expand its Hurricane Irma response efforts. This is a typical step counties impacted by hurricanes take and is consistent with the Board’s action post Hurricane Charley.

Following power loss, the use of generators is common, but local public safety officials warn that they can be deadly if not used correctly. Never run a generator indoors or in an attached garage or near an open window. Carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas, is a silent killer. Over 20 people have been treated in Lee County for suspected CO poisoning since Sunday. Generators should be run in a dry, well-ventilated area away from air intakes into the home and protected from rain. Call 239-337-2000 for a free check of your generator exhaust.

Beach Clean-Up Postponed

Saturday’s International Coastal Clean-Up has been postponed. It will be rescheduled once a date can be determined. For more information visit

Trash Pick Up Resumes Wednesday

Late Tuesday Lee County announced that Advanced Waste would resume their normal trash collection routes Wednesday, September 13th, in areas accessible by collection trucks. They are only picking up normal household garbage, not recycling and not hurricane debris. Household trash should be bagged and not exceed 50 lbs. Advanced Waste and Lee county will announce when hurricane debris will be picked up. Do not put out hurricane debris yet.

When hurricane debris is scheduled for pick up, Lee Solid Waste offers these tips:

1. Place debris at the curb in separate piles: garbage, yard waste, building debris, appliances and other wastes. FEMA requires documentation of the volume and type of debris collected to reimburse the county for cleanup.
2. Do not place anything beneath low hanging obstacles, like trees or power lines or near anything like water meters, fire hydrants or mail boxes.
3. Only debris generated by the hurricane on residential property is eligible for collection.
4. Hurricane yard waste does not need to be bundled. Place it in piles that can be picked up easily by a claw truck.
5. Appliance doors must be secured or removed. All food must be removed from any appliance placed at curb.
6. Inedible food should be bagged and placed with the garbage.
7. Debris collection crews may need several passes to clear your area. Visit for more information on hurricane debris pick up.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Noon 9/11. FMB Town alert.  Our island warning by phone just now.  Noon.  Must have ID & re-entry pass owners & businesses.  Curfew 8 a.m. to 7 Full island out of power -- precautionary Boil water order until further notice

10 a.m. Report from a friend about midway down the beach.  Minimal damage.  Power lines are up.  (No power but the lines are half the battle.). Things are beginning to look up on Fort Myers Beach.  Specifics for Estero Cove this afternoon.

8 am 9/11  People with Hurricane re-entry passes can come onto the island at noon.  They are cleaning debris from the streets.

7 p.m. We are still experiencing storm Irma at FMB.   Weather forecasters say the backend water surge won't happen until later tonight.  The Weather Channel is a good resource.

Noon. The weather forecasters say our key storm period will be in about 5 hours.  It will go on for hours.  The Weather Channel has had very specific live updates on our area.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

12:20. Governor Scott.  Summary. Currently, Cat 4 hurricane.  Significant risk of up to 15 feet of storm surge above sea level.  The surge comes after the strongest wind, so don't be lulled by a quieter period.  Working closely with all resources, including federal, to get all we can for Floridians. We will spare no expense to rescue and protect our people.  "Let me make it perfectly clear:  We will make it through this together."
Some of you may remember a daily newsletter during Hurricane Charley.  We are doing something a little more current for the times.  We've created a private, closed Facebook group so you can stay in touch with your neighbors.  We will continue to put important updates here but on Facebook you can write personal notes, ask questions, and access helpful links for other information.  Join now and spread the word among neighbors with whom you are in contact.


September 9, 2017

Today is Saturday and it is a very nice day nice breeze but humidity is 96%. We will keep you informed best we can.  Barb is keeping all the technical TV stuff updated for you.  The beach is being battened down from the road constructions crews so that none of their loose cones, barriers and other loose things can fly and do damage.  They are locking down or removing some of their equipment.  So hopefully, everyone will be safe.  The surge on the beach is probably not going to be good.  But we will do everything possible to make sure our Estero Cove is taken care of.  Keep us in your prayers.  We are going to need it.  ​​​​


September 8, 2017

The Town of Fort Myers Beach has declared a Mandatory Evacuation, in affect at 7:30am, Friday, September 8.  All the barrier islands are being evacuated, Ft. Myers Beach, Pine Island, Sanibel and Captiva. Next update @ 2:30pm Friday, September 8.



September 5, 2017

We are keeping close watch on Hurricane Irma, which is now a category 5 hurricane and threatening southern Florida.  Your Board and management are taking all precautions necessary to protect our property.  Please stay tuned to this message area for important posts, if necessary. 

-- President Lowell Spiess